Zydis® Fast Dissolve Manufacturing

Empowering your product with the no.1 orally disintegrating tablet technology


As the innovators of Zydis® fast dissolve technology, we offer a full spectrum of manufacturing capabilities to support all your production needs. With over 60 Catalent scientists skilled in this unique, freeze-dried, rapid-dosage format, we offer a full range of integrated services that can reduce your overall costs and speed your product to market. Today, supported by our fully compliant facilities around the world, more than 20 Zydis® technology-based products have been successfully launched in over 50 countries. 

Whether you are looking to enhance pharmacokinetics through pre-gastric absorption or improve patient compliance, we are confident our Zydis® fast dissolve manufacturing teams can match your timelines, volume, and budget with this consumer-preferred delivery.

Catalent Benefits
  • Insider knowledge of our proprietary technology - rated no. 1 in fast dissolve
  • Development teams in the U.S. and Europe with extensive Zydis® unit tablet manufacturing experience
  • Broad production options: a wide choice of shapes, colors, clarity, embossing, and coding
  • Bench, pilot, and full-scale cGMP manufacturing in the U.S. and Europe
  • Fully compliant manufacturing sites with exemplary records
  • Expert management of potent and controlled drugs
  • Operational excellence and efficiency via Lean Six Sigma principles 

We have two fast dissolve dosage form facilities plants dedicated to Zydis® unit production.

  • Somerset, New Jersey, U.S.A.
    • Research and development
    • Pilot line
    • Commercial line with controlled and potent drug capabilities
    • FDA audited
  • Swindon, U.K.
    • Research and development
    • Pilot line with controlled and potent drug capabilities 
    • FDA and MCA audited
    • Controlled drug capabilities

All of our sites are subject to annual review so we can remain in highest compliance with:

  • FDA/cGMP
  • Canadian HPB
  • British MHRA
  • European Community