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Tackling Bioavailability Challenges for the Next Generation of Small Molecules

Summary: With small molecules continuing to make up the majority share of new drug approvals, the future is promising for oral drug development, and the innovation potential is significant. As new chemical modalities such as targeted protein degraders, covalent inhibitors, and RNA targeting small molecules, demonstrate the promise of clinical success, they also present new complexities in formulation and manufacturing requirements. As these new molecules continue to enable medical breakthroughs in therapeutic areas such as oncology, many require advanced formulation technologies to enhance bioavailability. Identifying the appropriate technology to overcome bioavailability challenges in early development is essential to avoiding expensive and lengthy development programs.

In this webinar, speakers will share industry insights into small molecule drug development advancements and discuss innovative, scalable drug delivery technologies proven to address the industry’s growing need for improving solubility and enhancing bioavailability.

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