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Thinking Small

Summary: One issue that needs to be addressed in today’s pharma industry is the number of drugs currently under development that are poorly soluble and permeable. Could micronisation be the answer to meet the health sector’s increasingly strict demands for high-performance products? Download the article by Elanor Pinto-Cocozza, Ph.D., and learn about how particle size reduction can be the process technique that can have a significant impact on the dissolution rates of API powders, and thus the bioavailability and efficacy of drug substances. In addition, any adverse effects of food present in the gastrointestinal tract on the delivery and efficacy of drug substances can be greatly reduced or eliminated through precise control of drug particle size.

This article is taken from Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer November 2016, pages 33-36. © Samedan Ltd.

Click here to download the article.