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Dosage Form Design and Patient Compliance-Exploring ODTs as a Patient-Centric Solution

Summary: Medication non-compliance by patients has a significant impact on the burden of healthcare costs. The common challenges causing patient non-compliance are due to a combination of influences, including specific disease type, age, and therapy regimen. Often, the regimen may include dosage forms that are not sufficiently tailored to meet patient needs. As a result of poor medication adherence, overall treatment success lessens. To mitigate the risk of patient non-compliance, innovators should consider specific patient challenges for different disease types and the many variables in the lives of patients. In this webinar, experts provide an overview of the needs of different patient populations and examine the common challenges leading to non-compliance. The experts also discuss how an orally dissolving tablet (ODT) provides a solution to address patient challenges and enables potentially more successful treatments.

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