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Mapping the Pathway to Designing Successful Treatments

Summary: In response to compressed drug development timelines, oftentimes settling for sub-optimal dose form design and manufacturability considerations complicate downstream development steps. To ensure the program remains on track for long-term market success, continuously reviewing the molecule’s material properties, pharmacokinetics, manufacturability, stability, product differentiation and patient considerations at each development stage is essential. Identifying and eliminating potential roadblocks early provides the best chance of a successful product launch, resulting in the biggest positive impact on patient health.

Join this webinar to hear experts present evidence on how the right guidance at the right time can help you create more successful treatments. The experts will introduce Catalent’s new OptiDose™ Design Solution, an integrated dose form design strategy based on an analyzation of your molecule, patient, and market. The experts explain how this solution delivers dose form recommendations that can help differentiate your product, improve customer acceptance, and turn your science into patient accepted and commercially successful medicines.

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