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Parallel Screening for Oral Delivery of Macromolecules

Summary: Non-invasive delivery of macromolecules is a dynamic field. Several approaches are available to overcome biological barriers; however, researchers are usually limited by focusing on a single delivery technology at a time. To rapidly screen macromolecules’ potential for oral delivery, it is critical to assess multiple enabling technologies in parallel, targeting different biological barriers. Based on rigorous science and best-in-class formulation expertise, Catalent’s OptiForm® Solution Suite BIO applies a parallel screening approach that built on two technologies to address these barriers: OptiGel™ Bio technology to target the duodenal barrier, and Zydis® Bio technology to target sublingual barrier. OptiGel™ Bio technology is a lipid based formulation that incorporates enteric coating and permeation enhancers. Zydis® Bio technology is a lyophilized orally dissolving tablet designed to deliver biomolecules to the oral mucosa for systemic absorption.