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Zydis® ODT as a Patient-Centric Drug Delivery Solution

Summary: Zydis® is Catalent’s proprietary fast-dissolve technology platform that utilizes a lyophilization approach and continues to be the global best-in-class ODT, dispersing in the oral cavity in as little as 3 seconds. Mike Shearer, Vice President, Global Business Development –Zydis, sat down for an interview with Pharmaceutical Technology to discuss how Zydis ODT can offer tremendous value to patients as well as for pharmaceutical innovators who bring novel therapeutics to market. Zydis ODT offers rapid disintegration, a good mouthfeel and pleasant taste which plays a role in improving patient engagement in their treatment programs and offers an easy-to-take alternative to conventional oral tablets to help meet the needs of specific patient populations such as pediatric, geriatric and dysphagic patients.