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Reducing Inhalation Burden Through High-Dose, Carrier-Free Spray Dry Powders

Summary: This Catalent webinar will explore how spray dried particles provide an attractive, carrier-free option for highly dispersed delivery of API to deep lung regions, utilizing an alternative approach to large, porous particles. The speakers will discuss how spray dry methodologies can generate light, low-density and aerodynamically favorable particles and will look at the technologies that are enabling high dose loading of DPI capsules.

Acorda Therapeutics will discuss their ARCUS® platform and how they were able to make large, high surface area particles penetrate the lungs like small particles, enabling higher dosage. Catalent will talk about fundamental properties of inhaled powders including geometric and aerodynamic particle size distributions (GPSD/APSD) and compare spray dry versus micronization techniques. Catalent will also discuss more generally the impact that scale-up and tech transfer can have on the relationship between Critical Process Parameters (CPPs) and Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) based on experience from inhouse scale-up capabilities. Additionally, Catalent will also discuss techniques used to reduce processing steps and increase the Fine Particle Fraction (FPF). Lastly, Harro Hofliger will talk about using high-speed lines for spray dry powders, the associated challenges and how to optimize relevant process parameters.

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