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Adapting to Demand: The Importance of Flexibility in HPAPI Small-Batch Manufacturing

Summary:​​ The usage of High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPIs) in drug production has seen a significant increase in recent times, especially in the creation of cancer therapies. These HPAPIs are present in up to 25% of the drugs available in the market. However, the process of producing such drugs safely and cost-effectively while meeting regulatory requirements is a significant challenge. As the demand for low-volume drugs containing HPAPIs continues to grow, the need for flexibility in small-batch manufacturing becomes increasingly evident. Traditional manufacturing approaches may not be suitable for producing these specialized drugs in smaller quantities efficiently, hence, adopting flexible manufacturing strategies allows pharmaceutical companies to respond quickly to market demands while minimizing wastage and costs. In this webinar, experts address the challenges posed by manufacturing HPAPIs and suggest strategies to ensure the small-batch flexibility needed for HPAPI manufacturing. Additionally, the panel will discuss various approaches to enhance the efficiency of small-batch manufacturing, such as risk-based operational frameworks, innovative technological solutions, and smart investments.​

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