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Parallel Screening Technologies To Fix Bioavailability Challenges

Summary: Early in a molecule’s development, how do scientists decide which formulation strategy to take and whether to spend time developing a dosage form or just hurry into phase I with a sub-optimal drug delivery system? Making a poor choice could increase the risk of failure and/or open the door to wasted time and money later on. This webinar shows how Trio Medicines and Catalent overcame bioavailability challenge for a poorly soluble molecule that treats reflux disease and gastric neuroendocrine tumor and advanced it to PK study rapidly with the optimal formulation. It discusses how to characterize a molecule, apply the right prediction model, and select the most suitable delivery technology for a poorly soluble small molecule using an API sparing parallel screening protocol under the guidance of a technical expert. Candidate formulations with 2 weeks stability were ready in 12 weeks.

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