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The Next Generation ODT

Summary: ODTs (orally dissolving tablets) are designed to dissolve rapidly on contact with saliva, therefore eliminating the need to chew the tablet, swallow the intact tablet, or take the tablet with liquids. 

Zydis® ODT fast-dissolve formulation from Catalent is a unique, freeze-dried tablet that disperses instantly in the mouth in less than 3 seconds. With more than 20 products launched in 60 countries, Zydis platform is the world’s best-in-class ODT technology. The purpose of this complimentary webinar is to walk through the new developments in Zydis Technology, including new ways to administer peptides and vaccines. It also presents the next generation ODT: Zydis Ultra, providing a better solution for patients with greater dose load, improved taste masking, innovative functional coating and a wide range of applications from Rx to OTC.

Click here to download the webinar.