OptiForm® API

Providing the most stable crystalline form

We stand behind its industry expertise, platform, technologies, and screening workflows to provide you with the OptiForm® API guarantee. Bring us your compound, and we will identify the most stable crystalline form. 

The OptiForm® API screening is also part of the integrated OptiForm® Solution Suite  offering which is designed to efficiently and rapidly help solve complex bioavailability challenges for early stage molecules. OptiForm® Solution Suite matches the best formulation technologies to your molecule, and utilizes an accelerated parallel screening and development approach, based on rigorous science and best-in-class scientific expertise, all in 12 weeks! Learn more here.

 Catalent Benefits
  • New API screening platform that will help you speed your development and optimization of drug molecules
  • Developed and refined over the past ten years with GlaxoSmithKline
  • High throughput platform for salt, crystal-form, and co-crystal screening
  • Applied to more than 500 compounds, spanning from early-stage lead compounds through launched products
  • Conducted by a team of diverse and experienced scientists

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  • FDA/cGMP
  • Canadian HPB
  • British MHRA
  • European Community
  • Brazilian authorities