Demand Led Supply

Accelerate study timelines and improve flexibility with FastChain™

FastChain™ demand led supply is a continuous GMP approach to secondary packaging, label printing and application, release, and distribution of patient kits to clinical sites based upon actual patient and site need. The FastChain™ approach will drive greater speed, flexibility and efficiency into the clinical supply chain than possible using traditional supply led, just-in-time labeling or similar late stage customization models.

How FastChain™ is Different from Traditional Supply Models

FastChain demand led supply decouples and decentralizes secondary packaging from the traditional packaging model making it possible to achieve supply chain flexibility not previously possible and thus shortening the time needed to get clinical supplies into the clinics from weeks to days.

Rather than relying upon large lots of finished or partially finished patient kits typically dispatched from a central location, the FastChain™ approach will draw upon small lots of uniquely identified primary packaged bright stock held at regional GMP facilities around the world. Powered by a custom-built workflow scheduling platform and integrated global inventory and labeling systems, the service will be able scale to meet the needs of ambient and cold chain studies of all sizes.

Why FastChain™ Demand Led Supply
  • Support clinical acceleration
  • Create flexibility to make mid-study changes or add new countries easily
  • Manage recruitment fluctuations
  • Optimize scarce, high value and short expiry drugs
  • Minimize clinical waste
  • Leverage supply pooling
Catalent Capabilities 
  • Comparator/additional product services 
    • Global procurement of comparator medication
    • Baseline therapies
    • Rescue medication
    • Clinical packaging design and engineering
  • Primary and secondary packaging 
    • Accurate filling of API into bottles or capsules for Phase 1 supplies
    • Blister packaging
    • Flow wraps
    • Bottle filling
    • Prefilled syringe rod insertion
    • Fully integrated lines
    • Liquid and powder filling into sachet/pouch
    • Card/wallet sealing
  • Packaging design and engineering 
    • Comprehensive in-house design and manufacturing
    • Tooling: cards/wallets and kits
    • Proprietary child-resistant/senior-friendly technologies
    • Patented, patient-compliant delivery systems (including unit-dose)
  • Specialty-product capabilities 
    • Potent compounds, cytotoxics, hormones, cephalosoprins
    • Moisture-sensitive and oxygen-sensitive products
    • Cold-chain products including refrigerated, frozen, and temperature-sensitive, controlled drug substances
  • Clinical labeling and assembly services 
    • Multi-language labeling
    • Randomization services
    • In-house printing of labels plus code-breaking devices
    • Open-label, double-blind labels
    • Manual and automated label applications
    • Barcode labeling capabilities