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Proven Bioavailability Solution
Superior Scalability and Dose Uniformity
Innovations for Better Treatments

Softgel Technologies

BIOAVAILABILITY ENHANCEMENT: Introduced in 1930s, softgel technology has delivered more than 60 unique poorly soluble molecules in the U.S. market alone. As the most studied enabling technology, softgel technology provides formulators with the ability to use a wide range of excipients to address the toughest bioavailability challenges.

DOSE UNIFORMITY AND SCALABILITY: Softgel technologies can encapsulate a variety of liquid formulations, from hydrophilic to hydrophobic, and even suspensions and semi-solid formulations. These liquid formulations are readily scaled up with superior dose uniformity, especially important for low-dose drug candidates.

SOFTGEL INNOVATIONS: As the most robust and proven bioavailability enhancing technology platform, recent softgel innovations can solve an even wider range of challenges. Explore our latest innovative softgel solutions for your molecules.