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Small Molecule Analytical Chemistry

Comprehensive depth and breadth of analytical services to support rapid product development

From discovery candidates to clinical trial materials to regulatory submissions to post-approval studies, we offer our partners an extensive array of small molecule analytical capabilities.

Catalent’s analytical offerings can be specifically tailored to our partner’s needs based on:

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Catalent Services

  • Rapid Microbial Methods (RMM) and Phase I sterile clinical supply manufacturing
  • Experience with the following formulations
    • Oral solid (immediate and sustained release), pulmonary, nasal, parenteral, softgel
  • Material categories
    • All hazard categories
    • DEA Category I-V
    • Photosensitive, moisture sensitive and oxidation sensitive compounds
    • Radioactive

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Catalent Capabilities

Our focused studies and extensive analytical offerings provide a wide range of benefits than can help ensure your project success.  Our capabilities include:

  • Leading the industry in analytical expertise for both small and large molecule
  • Global Analytical Network – US & EU Centers
  • Tailored stability programs for small and large molecules across all dose forms
  • 20+ years operational excellence for all of your analytical challenges
  • Standard and customized services – placebos to controlled drugs

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