About Catalent

Catalyst + Talent

Our name combines these ideas. As the world’s #1 drug development, delivery and supply partner with over 80 years of experience, we are the catalyst for your success. We have helped thousands of innovators by optimizing and manufacturing thousands of pharmaceutical, biologic, consumer health and beauty products utilizing our superior and innovative drug delivery technologies to improve their value to patients and consumers. And Catalent’s “Patient First” culture puts patients at the center of our work to ensure the safety, reliable supply and optimal performance of our products.

Catalent is a vibrant growing community of 10,000+ global employees with the passion to unlock the potential of your product. Founded in 2007 as Catalent, our legacy of drug development goes much deeper, incorporating the inventions and innovations which have transformed the pharmaceutical industry.  On July 30, 2014 Catalent announced its initial public offering and became a publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CTLT. For more information on how to join the Catalent team, click here .

From early development to clinical supply and commercial manufacturing, our 30+ global site teams support you through all phases of development ,   delivery , and   supply , accelerating your product’s path to market in segments such as pharmaceuticals, biologics , consumer health and beauty , and animal health utilizing our superior drug delivery technologies to improve therapeutic and product value to patients and consumers. 

Whether you seek a single tailored solution or partnership through your product’s entire life cycle, we put our experience, expertise, and passion to work for you in unlocking the potential of your product. Watch this short video to learn more:

Catalent by Numbers

Corporate Facts

  • Additionally, we have over 700 products in development at any time and partner with
    • 87 of the top 100 pharmaceutical companies
    • 24 of the top 25 biotechnology companies
    • 22 of the top 25 generic drug companies
    • 21 of the top 25 consumer health companies 

Catalent. More products. Better treatments. Reliably supplied.™

Develop More Products

We help develop more products.  With extensive early phase development expertise in analytics, biologics, pre-formulation and formulation, we help you achieve faster more efficient development timelines to produce better products. 

Deliver Better Treatments

We help deliver better treatments.  Our innovative dose forms and advanced manufacturing technologies help you to create better products and therapeutic outcomes to improve the lives of patients and consumers. Our superior enabling formulation technologies help you meet your target product profile, improve value, and achieve better outcomes, including:

Reliably Supply

We help reliably supply your product. Whether it’s managing your clinical supply needs or commercially manufacturing your products, we have a solution for you.

  • Our clinical supply services  will help you manage your local, regional, or global studies, including special handling capabilities and comparator sourcing services.
  • Our flexible manufacturing solutions will help you scale up and get to market with tailored solutions and special handling capabilities, all backed by discipline, rigor, and rhythm that has resulted in a reliable global network that will supply your product to the highest quality standards on time.
Improve the Value of Your Treatment

Work with us to improve the value of your treatments at every phase.

Phase Chart

We Have a Solution

Every Molecule has a Challenge. We have a Solution.

  • Use our OptiForm Pro tool to find the best oral drug delivery technologies for your molecule
  • We’ll help you overcome bioavailability challenges and give you guidance quickly and efficiently on your molecule’s optimal formulation pathway with OptiForm® Solution Suite

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