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Swindon, UK 360° Virtual Tour

Catalent’s Swindon, UK facility, located 85 miles west of central London, is the manufacturing center for Catalent’s Zydis® Orally Disintegrating Tablet (ODT) platform.  Equipped with high-speed manufacturing suites, the site produces approximately 1.2B doses per year and supports both Rx and OTC products as well as potent and controlled substances.

With more than 35 products launched in over 60 countries, the Zydis® ODT technology is the world’s best-in-class ODT technology. The Zydis fast-dissolve platform consists of three technologies: Zydis ODT, Zydis Ultra®, and Zydis Bio. Zydis ODT is a unique freeze-dried oral solid dosage form with almost instant oral dispersion, typically less than three seconds, without the need for water. Zydis Ultra technology offers enhanced taste-masking capabilities, increased drug loading, and the potential for functional coating. Zydis Bio technology offers a formulation strategy for oral delivery of peptides, allergens, and viral vaccines.

360 Tour Instructions


  • Left-click and drag to look around the room/area
  • Click on specific icons to display detailed information (see icon legend below to learn what each icon does)
  • Navigate through the 360° Tour in two ways:
    1. Click the arrow icon to move to through the tour as it was intended. The green arrows will take you to the next room/area and the red arrows will take you to the previous room/area. You will also find blue arrows that take you to related rooms/area.
    2. Click the related button on the bottom navigation bar to display all of the rooms/areas and navigate to a point of interest based on your needs.


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