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Fastest Route To Clinic And Market Enabled By Optimizing API Properties And Formulation

Summary: The clinical and commercial success of a new chemical entity (NCE) requires pre-formulation studies of drug candidates and development of suitable formulations based on the physicochemical and biopharmaceutical properties. Assessment and optimization of these properties at early stage is critical for selection of the most suitable formulation technologies that optimize the bioavailability, safety, manufacturing, and shelf life of the drug product. Design of the optimal formulations streamline preclinical pharmacokinetic and efficacy/toxicity studies and enable the drug candidates to reach the clinic and eventually the market faster. Working with well-established partners with the advanced technologies and expertise in drug development will result in cost savings and accelerates development of drug candidates. 

This webinar will highlight the strategies and state-of-art screening, particle size reduction and formulation technologies to optimize the properties and formulation of your drug candidates.

Click here to download the webinar.