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Better Treatments By Design™


Achieving development milestones is critical to progressing your molecule to the clinic, but this doesn’t always translate to commercial success or better outcomes for patients and stakeholders.

Put our experience to work for you.

Catalent has helped innovators launch thousands of products for over 80 years, so we know what it takes for a therapy to succeed in an ever more competitive market. We help your molecule progress from candidate to clinic quickly and efficiently with Optiform® Solution Suite, solving it’s most complex bioavailability, solubility, and permeability challenges – but we don’t stop there. We help seamlessly guide your drug through its path to success with our Better Treatments by Design™ approach, bringing our deep expertise and the widest array of enabling drug delivery technologies together to create tailored solutions for your drug which satisfy your needs as well as those of all stakeholders including prescribers, payers, and of course, patients.

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Your therapy has so much potential – we have the passion to optimize it.
Catalent provides you with solutions for your molecule and also the patients and stakeholders it may impact. We believe that stakeholder insights are critical to understanding the path forward for any product, as are practical, efficient, and scalable solutions to achieve your goals.

We integrate this understanding into our comprehensive Better Treatments by Design™ process where we compile and analyze feedback and data, and match the best solutions available against the broadest selection of enabling technologies, helping to optimize outcomes.

Every stakeholder has a need

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The Better Treatments by Design™ approach is possible because of our comprehensive approach to drug development coupled with the broadest selection of advanced drug delivery technologies available. Partnering with Catalent, achieving your target product profile and satisfying the needs of your stakeholders has never been easier.

  • Improved API performance
    • Candidate screening and API optimization
    • Broadest range of proven solutions to improve bioavailability
  • Formulation flexibility
    • GLP and GMP formulations and test materials for early stage testing
    • Seamless transition to stable, scalable finished dose forms
  • Enhanced therapeutic profiles
    • Better absorption
    • Faster onset
    • Extended release
    • Targeted delivery
  • Improved therapeutic adherence
    • Minimized food effects
    • Reduced dose burden
    • Reduced dose frequency
  • Patient experience
    • Taste masking
    • Better dosing experience for special patient groups (e.g. pediatric, geriatric, psychiatric, veterinary)
    • Easier administration
  • Product differentiation
    • Unique technologies to attract prescribers and patients

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With a wide range of advanced drug delivery technologies able to overcome a variety of drug delivery challenges including dose loading, taste masking, drug release, food effects, and others, Catalent matches stakeholder considerations with these solutions.

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We are your catalyst for creating better treatments through utilization of optimal drug delivery technologies. As a global leader in drug delivery solutions we have the deepest expertise, the broadest offerings, and the most innovative technologies to improve the performance of your products from discovery to market and beyond.

See how our integrated approach can help you achieve the best therapeutic profile for your product and achieve success in the market.