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Haverhill, UK 360° Virtual Tour

In this 360° Virtual Tour, explore Catalent’s center of excellence for late phase and commercial-scale spray dry manufacturing in Haverhill, UK. The site offers industry leading expertise in the scale-up and commercialization of spray dried dispersions as well as a broad range of integrated analytical support services. The Haverhill facility operates alongside an expansive global site network, to provide end-to-end spray drying solutions from early phase development to fully scaled-up commercial finished oral dose form manufacturing.


  • Left-click and drag to look around the room/area
  • Click on specific icons to display detailed information (see icon legend below to learn what each icon does)
  • Navigate through the 360° Tour in two ways:
    1. Click the arrow icon to move to through the tour as it was intended. The green arrows will take you to the next room/area and the red arrows will take you to the previous room/area. You will also find blue arrows that take you to related rooms/area.
    2. Click the related button on the bottom navigation bar to display all of the rooms/areas and navigate to a point of interest based on your needs.


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