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Catalent Micron Technologies


Cryogenic micronization is particle size reduction using an air-jet mill chilled with liquid nitrogen. It is becoming a preferred method for producing finer particle size of compounds with a low brittleness and tacky or semi-solid in nature under ambient conditions.

The Catalent Micron Technologies Cryogenic Air-Jet Mill set up is configurable for:

  • Large and small component collection for varying batch sizes.
  • Containment option available for potent compounds.

How Cryogenic Micronization Works

Whereas traditional micronization is conducted using a carrier gas at ambient temperature, cryogenic micronization is performed using liquid nitrogen gas wherein processing can occur at temperatures as low as -50ºC. These extremely low cryogenic micronization temperatures create an atmosphere in which the jet-milled powder becomes more brittle than it would be at ambient temperature. This increases the friability of the powder, making challenging compounds that are elastic and soft subject to particle sizes unattainable at ambient conditions.

Talk to Catalent’s team today to learn more about cryogenic micronization and what benefits it can bring to the downstream processing of your API.