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Catalent Micron Technologies


Mechanical milling remains an important formulation step in the pharmaceutical industry, typically best suited to delivering uniform particle sizes above 20 microns. Whether your drug is in development, starting clinical trials, or ready for commercial production, Catalent Micron Technologies can deliver a mechanical milling solution that consistently achieves this, enhancing particle homogeneity, distribution uniformity, compound bioavailability and solubility.
From ensuring proper blend uniformity to optimizing release profiles, our mechanical milling operations provide superior pharmaceutical results.

  • Hammer Mill– High-throughput hammer mills can help you achieve a variety of particle size-reduction requirements; including delumping, milling to a specific particle range, and fine grinding applications. For pharmaceutical milling, Catalent employs hammers alongside interchangeable screen sizes, for greater control over the final particle size.
  • Pin Mill– This mill provides a uniform particle size without the need for screens. Particle size reduction takes place between two plates containing pins — one stationary and one rotating. Mechanical milling with a pin design can provide a smaller particle size than a hammer mill.
  • Conical Mill– This mill can be used to reduce the size of material in a uniform manner. It is an alternative to the hammer mill or other forms of pharmaceutical grinding mills. Particle size reduction takes place via a rotating impeller. The impeller forces the material outward to a conical screen surface where it is sized and passed through openings in the screen.

Pharmaceutical Industry Milling, Analysis and Support

Mechanical milling projects at Catalent Micron Technologies are delivered with the same analytical support and quality systems used in all of our particle size reduction processes. We always work to ensure that your project is managed effectively, meeting your specific requirements.