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Elaine Villalobos  


Dr. Elaine Villalobos is Technical Services Supervisor at Catalent’s Sorocaba and Indaiatuba facilities in Brazil. She attended The San Francisco University (USF) in Sao Paulo Brazil and earned a degree in Industrial Pharmacy. She later completed her post graduate studies in Pharmaceutical Technology at The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and achieved an MBA in Project Management at Getúlio Vargas Foundation. Elaine has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years. Her experience includes tablets, creams and softgel dosage forms. She continues to lead and develop her technical services team in Sorocaba and Indaiatuba in both agility and assertiveness, focusing on troubleshooting, tech transfer process between sites and maintaining reliable manufacturing processes.


Discover what drives Elaine’s passion for her work at Catalent and specifically dosage formulation.

Get to know this Catalyst in Drug Development.

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Can you explain your role at Catalent?

I am a Technical Services Supervisor responsible for the team that 1) ensures that packaging technical requirements are met in each New Product Introduction, 2) supports the successful tech transfer of products and 3) supports problem solving involving Formulation & Encapsulation issues.

Does your team work with any plant based softgel capabilities?

The VEGICAPS® technology was expanded to our Sorocaba facility about a year ago with the first equipment acquisition. Today, we have all the equipment installed, the qualification process on the final line and recently we were able to run our first test batch made of vegetable gelatin. It is very exciting working with members of our global team who are experts in Vegicaps process.

What ways do you feel you (or your team) help drive Catalent’s Patient First mission?

We are passionate for what we do, but I think what mainly motivates myself asnd my team is that we know that in each product that we deliver we each play a role in it. The results obtained with our knowledge, experience, team work and commitment are what drive our patient first mission! A great example is recently a person on my team entered a local drug store and sent me a picture of “our babies” on a shelf. I´m convinced that the key to success comes from our people and their efforts and passion. I know we can make a difference and obtain great results when we all share our experiences of what works and what doesn’t work. My team is fully committed to our Patient First mission and contributes daily, driving the activities that fulfill that endeavor.

In your role you undoubtedly have seen a lot of technology advancements in manufacturing. From your standpoint, what has been a game changer for your team? 

Since I started working at Catalent, it has been possible to access numerous projects that improve the daily lives of employees and promote the agility of processes, local projects and global projects, but I can say that what changed the game for us was the company’s direction in strengthening the “Patient First” culture. This was an important step and reaffirmed our commitment to doing more and better each day, offering everyone the opportunity to leave the comfort zone and try to see the business from a different point of view. We started to see our process not only with eyes toward improvement but also with quality and safety improvements walking side by side bring the quality and results that are expected by our customers and company. I´m very grateful to my mentors during this time, my colleagues and close friends that teach and support us and by answering an infinite number of questions!